Wednesday, May 04, 2005

More than Conqueror

I AM SPARTACUS! Ok, mixing quotations rather dreadfully, but I have FINALLY conquered the honey stream! Yes, it took this long. We couldn't pull the oven hood down to get it all out of there, but with applied pressure a few times each day and discreet application of a honey-removing tool (a.k.a. a butter knife), I was able to succeed in stemming the tide. Wow. Long sentence. Other news.... don't have any. Unless being on the edge of an emotional sniffle fest at the prospect of Husband leaving again counts. >sigh< At least this time he is only going to Nevada! PHONE CALLS! HURRAH! If I can just make it through this year ... I will officially be a "seasoned" navy wife (salt me, Im DONE!).

Ok, better stop. Am babbling (or is it rambling?) and really should be concentrating on the provision of culturally conscious care taking into account the childbearing beliefs and practices of the Amish (Im so proud of my 2nd Mama! The DISSERTATION is coming along great!). Break is over! Back to work! woo woo!

(Scuse' me, but you see, back in old Napoli.... THAT's AMOOOORRREEEE. Gotta love Deano)

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