Friday, May 13, 2005


Just got off the phone with my Opth and he said he has been working the numbers and it looks like Im clear for LASIK. He said if we have to do PRK I will still be having the surgery on Tuesday, sooooo, no matter what, but Tuesday night I will be glassesless! >gulp<>wink<

Not much else to report, except that we found out we dont really have a deadline for deciding our orders, and that A can submit a packet for SAR more than once. Doesn't do much for my controlling nature, but he feels better cause there is less pressure on him to decide something from the Navy. Im trying to do the less pressure thing, too, I just don't deal well with the unknown... OR the thought that if he goes on cruise AND gets into SAR I basically won't see him from September to June. >sigh< We'll see what happens. Im kind of annoyed at the navy right now. They had said if they left early they would have the guys home for the holidays, but NO, now they say they leave early, home for 2 weeks in the early fall, and not home again until March. Depressing. No husband for anniversary, thanksgiving, christmas, OR my birthday. Maybe not even for his, let alone new years, valentines, etc. Pbbbttthhhhttt. That's my feeling.

Ok, Im off to work. I didn't finish last night's stuff as Beth came over to cheer me up after the above news and we chatted until about 2 am. Meeting her this afternoon for coffee and some book browsing (great little used/new bookstore in town). Should be fun, an excuse to take a little break. :-) Then... tomorrow is church and back to the grind in the evening. Im borrowing the Blade Trilogy to watch while I work.... Sunday is the pathfinder pancake breakfast and finishing up about 16 hours of work... then on Monday I have to clean up the house a bit (has to be clean to lessen risk of infection from LASIK incisions), do final reviews, mail off all my work to Judd, and be in Mt Vernon by 1 pm to be dilated and have all my presurgery stuff done... then its TUESDAY and time for SURGERY! >gulp< Anyone have a machine to slow time?


MrsPooley said...

So who's driving you now? Maybe Beth? huh?


LadyBoyd said...

Yup! Bruce took time off work, and they are kindly ferrying me to and from the torture session known as LASIK. Im a bit scared/nervous, but hey... what's the worst that can happen?!