Friday, May 27, 2005

Homecoming Insomnia

The husband arrives home in approximately 12 hours, and I sit in bed with Pleasantville on the television (the midnight movie... its almost over) and my laptop on my lap. I tried to go to sleep, I really did! I turned the light out and then tossed and turned, thinking about husband coming home, work to do, and fun things that will be taking place in January ... thinking about how to be present for those fun things... husband home in less than 12 hours, dinner tomorrow, husband home...etc. :-)

The world has been a busy place the last few days... Beth and I went to the library on Monday, then I had a doctors appt followup on Tuesday and slept most of the rest of the day, B and I went antiquing on Wednesday then played trivial pursuit Weds evening (she won), then tonight she and Bruce came over for dinner and we played trivial pursuit AGAIN (and she won... a-GAIN) and then... I tried to go to bed. >sigh< (see above notes about the not sleeping)

Its funny to think that I didn't know B and B a month ago, and now we hang out at least 2x a week and chat online about once a day. hehe. Its so nice to have a friend in town to call up and say "lets go get coffee" and end up at Baskin Robbins. NICE!

Now Im babbling about my Trivia Shame and Homecoming Insomnia and getting giggly every few minutes when I look at the empty side of the bed next to me and realize that husband will be HOME at 230-330 tomorrow afternoon! TOMORROW! WOOOOO HOOOOO! oops. Thats TODAY. :-)

ok. NOW Im getting hungry and since its 145 am I better try to go to sleep again or I'll end up going downstairs and EATING. Horrors.

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