Monday, May 16, 2005


Screaming nerves. Tense, tight balls of nerves bouncing around like Mexican jumping beans. That's me. Right now. AHHHHHHHH!!!!! There is going to be a KNIFE in my EYES tomorrow. I thought I was ready, really I did... but as of about 9 pm this evening I think I need more than just valium tomorrow. I need 3 valium! Maybe 4! >sigh<>sigh< Why can't I panic like a normal person? Instead I get cold hands and an urge to SCRUB THE FLOOR.

Ok, I think the panic attack has eased for the moment. Hopefully I will log in tomorrow or the next day and say "I was so silly! This has been a piece of cake! I didn't even SEE the suction cup with a knife attached to it coming at my eye. I laughed in the face of the doctor when he offered me valium because I didn't need it! It was fun!" >gurgle<

Really. If you don't hear from me again.... Im just trapped in the horror movie where Im strapped to a chair and machines are coming at my eyes (thanks for the visual, Nic!) ... or the Sci Fi flick where it all comes right in the end because the weirdness of my eyes ends up making me bionic or something (thanks for the thought, Ash!). :-) I am now going to try and call my husband again, probably waking his roommate for the 3rd time tonight as husband hasn't actually BEEN in his room yet this evening...stupid clinic.

I love you all. Goodnight.

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Queenie said...

Don't be ascurred, this is a reputable doctor with lots of experience and his nurses look nothing like that Twilight Zone episode with the crazy piggy-looking people...... RIGHT?