Sunday, May 15, 2005

Procrastinationating, part 2

HA! I have pulled out the big word again. Love my invented term. Especially since Im sitting at my computer with a HUGE stack of work on the left, an even larger pile of unread books on my right, coffee (apricot creme... almost gone! have to replenish) going cold in the mug at 11 o'clock, and Doris Day blaring out of the speakers. Have to finish all this stuff before surgery or else run the risk of needing to ask for a deadline extension which I HATE to do... even though my boss/client owes me BIG cause I introduced him to his wife. :-)

If wishes were are my wishes of the day:
1. I wish my husband were home and not scheduled for deployment this year...
2. I wish we lived closer to home (NYC)
3. I wish my work was done for the day and I could just laze around watching Blade II and Blade III and Wonderfalls, and reading at least 2 of this huge stack of books on my right (see above)
4. I wish I had more time to finish my novel, and could work it in every day and still be able to clean the house occasionally, finish my work on time, and relax in the aforesaid manner with a remote control and books.

Ok, better stop procrastinating. Have already done nothing this am except talk to C-mom, Hubband, and the Queen. Oh, and fed the cats. I missed the pathfinder pancake breakfast. Slept through it. >sigh< Gotta get a new alarm clock and/or move the one I have away from the bedside so I have to GET UP to turn it off.

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