Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Eyes Have It

I finally decided to go ahead and do LASIK... AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Im not the best person when it comes to things coming at my eyes. Strange perhaps, since I wore contacts for so many years, but Im a little scared. Of course, the fact that the surgery was weeks away in my mind and now perhaps will be on TUESDAY probably doesn't help. Turns out that they only have 1 surgery day each month at this clinic and its either Tuesday or the middle of June. Andy will be leaving right around the day they have it in June and I would rather go through the whole thing with him gone than have him have to leave in the middle of my followups.

I may end up having to reschedule after all and do PRK or LASEK, as my corneas are apparently right on the borderline thickness for LASIK. They need it to be a certain thickness so they can make a deep enough slice for the laser and still have enough cornea left to adjust. If it is too thin, I can't do LASIK and will have to have one of the other forms of the surgery. I really would prefer to have LASIK as the healing time is much much shorter and the discomfort level supposedly smaller, too. We'll know Monday after my complete pre-surgery workup. I'll have to find someone to take me in on Tuesday for the surgery...and Wednesday for the follow-up. I have a proposition for my sister on that front, but SHE ISNT ANSWERING HER PHONE! hmph. Anyway.... prayers, please!

Other news: Hubband is in Fallon, having a ball with some new assignments but dissapointed because they emptied out the pool and he had been looking forward to swimming every day while he was there. Im busily trying to get on top of all the work I have to finish this week and still leave time in the schedule to do the dishes and clean the house, etc. We'll see what happens!
For now, Im off to edit.

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Queenie said...

I would totally take know, if I had a license and stuff.