Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Weekend Update

Wow, what a weekend! Started out with the husbands big homecoming. Hurrah! He got in on Friday afternoon around 330. I met him at the airport in my red "marilyn" dress and he was suitability appreciative. hehe. We went to dinner at Zorbas, which was DELISH, and wound up the evening out with a twilight stroll along the waterfront. Was very nice.

Tried to wake up for church on Sabbath, but didn't make it. I listened to the service on the radio in my jammies, and Andy staggered out of bed at around 1 in the afternoon. We threw on clothes and went to Deception Pass to hike down the cliffs to the beach and then collected agates for a few hours. Was loads of fun, but I swear I need to get in better shape. Coming back up the cliffs just about sent my legs into noodle-mode. Spent the evening on a "date", starting out with dinner at Outback Steakhouse and ending up with Star Wars III. :-)

Where was I? Oh yes, Saturday night. So that ended the date night and we did the sleep in thing again on Sunday, lazed around the house until about 3 then went into town and bought some gourmet coffee (more apricot creme and a bag of creme brulee. Yummy. Our whole house smells good!). At 4 we met B and B at the theater and did the Madagascar thing along with about 10 other couples and probably 70 families with little kids. Was loads of fun. I especially liked the New York parts... seeing home in animation is pretty cool. hehe. Went to Casa Rodriguez and had some primo Mexican food and then the 4 of us adjourned to our house to play 90s Trivial Pursuit. It ended up being a clash of the titans, with Beth and Andrew duking it out with the dice to see who would get the lucky roll first. Bruce and I counted ourselves lucky to have 1 or 2 wedges in our game pieces by the time Andy actually won the game. We're looking for a rematch again soon.

Aaaannnnnd the final day in our long weekend .... MONDAY! We spent a frightening amount of money on Andy's computer (all budgeted though, no worries!), loaned money to a buddy for HIS computer, and bought me 2 skirts, 3 shirts, and a light jacket. Then the guys (Andy, Sylvan, and Goh) went to see Star Wars III and I spent a very contented 3 hours in a comfy chair at Barnes and Noble. Wound up the evening with Blade 3 here at home while eating leftovers and snuggling on the couch. What a great weekend. And the week ahead?

...we're currently sitting in Andy's office with me avoiding work and he playing with the new computer stuff. The plan is to start work around 1 when he has to report in to get his records, then work tomorrow and Thursday and Thursday evening we had down to Portland for ANOTHER long weekend. I love leave time. heheh. Pictures to be posted soon, as soon as we finish fixing our network. None of us can connect at the moment....

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