Friday, May 06, 2005

Sleep: The Best Medicine

I figured out what was wrong with me... well, Andrew did, actually. I had the worst headache all day yesterday... to the extent that when I went for coffee with Beth I think I sat there like a lump and said all of 2 words. I felt dreadful! The headache made me nauseous, I got dehydrated, forgot to eat lunch (good thing we shared that scone, Beth!) Dragged myself around the house doing laundry in the afternoon and husband took me to dinner to keep me from having to cook since I wasn't feeling well. Got home from dinner and husband suggested I lie down and take a little nap... He snuggled me up and we... woke up at 11 to find we were still feeling exhausted and were sleeping on a sheet-less bed. hehe. We made the bed, got back in, and slept until 6:30 this morning! I dont think I have ever slept that long, but boy... it sure felt good! Headache gone, nausea gone, feelin' good! Hubband said that he thought with work being so nuts and me being stressed about his next detachment I was probably just sleep deprived.

In fact, feeling SO good that I am having a perfectly marvelous time calling Judd names because he and Pia are off to Italy tonight for 10 days. Snog. Odious pug-loving egomaniac. Etc. :-D Good thing he knows I love him. hehe. I had to stop calling him names though, because he is giving me more work for the next 2 weeks while he is gone and A is gone. That means more money, less bored and depressed Chrissy, etc. :-)

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Queenie said...

Sheesh, I woulda bought ya lunch! I feel bad now because I dragged ya out for caffeine-laden goodness when i should have bought you a sammich! :(
Next time we'll do lunch!