Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thursday's cash cow!

Hurrah! More money! I just expanded my contract with my biggest client to include writing as well as editing. Not only will it bring in more money, it diversifies the work that Im doing a little more and will fill my time better when Andrew is away. All very good things! Not only that, it comes at the perfect time to replenish our savings from the laptop we just bought. Woo woo! God definitely is keeping his eyes on us!

Today is technically my "day off" which means that today is the day that I clean the kitchen, do laundry, change the sheets on our bed, vacuum, file all the misc papers in my office, go over our taxes with Andy so that I can be sure and have them filed and the proper amount of cash saved out of our budget by the time I go to CT, look at tickets for CT (Im going to miss Jax's bday, but will be going out the end of March to help my sis and b.i.l move into their new house!), finish my book inventory, plan dinner for our guests, shop for the weekend guests (bday party for A and Caryn!!). Obviously not exactly a "day off". hehe.

Im also feeling pretty good because I found some great contests and a journal I want to subscribe to for my creative writing. Im editing one of my short stories for a contest with a May deadline, writing a story with a set first line for a contest in April, and trying to work on my novel a bit in between. Hopefully can get some momentum going and get a complete draft finished (finally!) by the end of the year.... wish me luck!

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