Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Husband News!

Hurrah! I heard from the husband. That means he is safe and sound on his ship and they have turned on the email system so I should be getting notes fairly regularly now. Stay tuned for pics and stories direct from the flight deck! He said he would try to get some stuff to me several times while he is out. :-)

So, last night I went to Burlington for pathfinders, dragging myself kicking and screaming (ok not really) from the computer only to find that it had been cancelled once I got there. Dwight and Sam forgot to tell us. Sam swears she did, but maybe only to Andy? I dunno, he hasn't answered that email question yet. Not having the desire to have driven 40 minutes for nothing, and with no money to go shopping, I did the next best thing and went to a movie. hehe. I saw the Pacifier and came home feeling much refreshed. Worked straight through until midnight or so and then relaxed for a coupl ehours before bed. Now Im back to the grind, 5 abstracts to edit, 30 to review for length, 2 to write, and a house to clean. Should be a pretty easy day!

Im also feelin' good cause I found the shirt he wore right before he left and it still smells like him. I wore it to bed. >giggle< I felt like a silly little teenager in her boyfriends jacket (I used to steal Andy's jean jacket, too), but I actually slept better last night then Monday night. I also sleep better if I spray his cologne on the pillow next to me when he is gone.

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