Monday, March 07, 2005


Well, we have put in our requests... now we just wait. The plan is to let God open doors if they are the right ones, so we put in for Naples, Italy (which would be a really awesome year!), C School (a SAR program that would mean extending our enlistment by a couple of years for shore duty), and extending our orders here in Oak Harbor (then trying for early out).

Naples, Italy... what need I say?! We thought about Sicily, too, but decided that although our Italian friends say Naples is the "armpit of the world" it is on the mainland so touring will be easier and cheaper than coming from an island. Its doubtful that they will let us go there, as we would only be going for 1 year (its a 3 year billet), but we can always hope!
Oak Harbor would mean that we could ask for an early out from the navy and Andy could potentially begin school next summer. The downside to Oak Harbor is that it means he will definitely be gone for at least 4 months this year. >sigh<
C school has always been a bit of a dream for Andy, and as much as it frightens me and as hard as it will be to be in the navy for 3 more years, its a shore posting so he won't be gone... and he will be realizing his dream! We compromised on it, in that he has stated that unless there is a billet that we both want and can be happy with, he won't take it. SAR just kept coming at us, throughout our prayers for guidance, and I felt that I really needed to open my mind to it, even though my heart was screaming "NO!"... if it is where God wants us, we will go there, hard as it may be. >gulp<

In other news, we bought a laptop for me yesterday! The laptop that Auntie H gave me has been great, and we were planning on waiting until after tax time to even really look for a new one since it has been holding up fine (the battery life is really short in the laptop and my current desktop has a bad habit of crashing and losing its hard drive). Then we saw an auction for a great laptop and ended up getting it for around 50% of the retail price! Can't should ship sometime today.

Ok, I'd better get to work now, I have 10 abstracts to edit today before my husband gets home around 3 and then we are off to Bellingham for Andy's appt at NUVO and our date night! Yeah!
(PS, we saw Constantine Sat night... anyone who wants to have a really good religious discussion can jump start it with that movie! VERY interesting)

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