Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Day of Rest

After receiving some sad news yesterday, and waking with a roaring headache this morning, I decided not to go to church today. I listened the WWC church service on the radio and spent the rest of the day in my jammies looking at photos of family, reading, listening to music, and napping. Its nearly sundown now and Im getting myself together for a short walk. Ive really been missing Andy today, its comforting in a strange way to know that we are almost through the first week. This will be our longest separation since I moved out here...4 weeks start to finish. At least part of that will be me in CT and he at home so we can talk on the phone. I got emails from him nearly every day this week, which always helps. Being busy also helps, and I am gearing up for the "big one" by practicing for it with these little ones. I guess since the Navy has the men practice for deployment in little short "detachments", the women might as well use them the same way! I do think it interesting though that they use the word"detach"...

Im missing a party this weekend! I really had almost decided to just ignore the bank account, the piles of work, and the knowledge that it would mean around 20 hours of driving over the weekend and went to WW anyway, but I just couldn't do it at the end. C-Mom and Caryn and I have planned for a big time on Mother's day weekend. That way I can't, as Caryn put it, get out it again... because its planned so far ahead. hehe. I really didn't "get out of it" because I didn't want to be there! I wanted to! I think she believes me...

I have pretty much read and slept and done little else since Thursday night. I think I fried my brain a bit too hard in the early part of the week. More work coming in via FedEx on Monday, and I got a packet in on Thursday that I have done little more than open. I also have a doctoral thesis to review for my "Mama"... busy bee! Tonight... the plan is to work and watch tv. I have a move that Andy and I rented and weren't able to watch that I may put on, but its a werewolf thing that Im not sure I can handle without his big strong shoulders to hide my face in and his hands to cut off circulation to while I squeeze them.

Ok, Im off for my walk before the sun goes all the way down. The clouds are threatening another shower, too, so I'm hoping to get home without getting wet!

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