Sunday, March 20, 2005

Serves me right...

Well, here I decided that to compensate for husband being gone on Sunday I would not do any work on Friday and thus be SWAMPED all day after he left... and now he isn't leaving until MONDAY and Im still stuck with the deadline. Serves me right for trying to come up with excuses to procrastinate. We plan a date night, though, after he packs his sea bag and I send 90% of my brain into the computer with pediatrics abstracts. Im sure I'll be charming company. :-)

Otherwise, things are all good. We have had a Felty weekend, had Dwight and Sam over for dinner on Friday night (made up a recipe for stuffed chicken that is just YUMMY email me if you want it), then they brought over pizza last night for a Battlestar Galactica evening. Was great fun.

Still no news on orders. I promise I'll let you know. Stay tuned for photos and news from the front! Well, from the Theodore Roosevelt, anyway! Andrew is taking our digital camera and has promised to send me pics and blurbs for posting. After all, what good would a "Navy wife" site be without any Navy in it?!

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