Thursday, March 24, 2005


Yawn. That's really all I have to say... you can ignore the following 10 paragraphs of blabble. After the hectic Sun-Weds that I had it has been nice to do nothing much since Wednesday afternoon except work on my house, read, clean, etc. Of course, I did have to work for an entire 1-2 hour period this morning, but I got beyond it quickly. :-) I am going to go on base shortly and move Andrews car. I have had this bad habit of forgetting to do so... he had to park at the Exchange the morning he left, so I'm moving his car over to the air terminal. I think I may try to go see a movie at the base theater after I move the car. They are SCHEDULED to show The Wedding Date tonight at 730 and I think it would be worth 4 dollars. :-)

Got more notes from Andy this morning. Hurrah! He's doin' good, for all those that wonder. Said sick call has been crazy for him, but he did get up on deck for a while and said he will be sending us pictures soon. Goody!

I originally planned to go to WW this weekend to hang with the Pooleyaticus crowd and C-mom, but with having to do the Portland in one day thing on Monday and the saving for taxes thing with money... I decided to stay home. I figure I'll work tomorrow and then do a home project or 2 on Sunday between edits. That way Im rested up for the driving on Monday. I may just take my tape recorder and work my novel while I drive. :-) I really would like to get the trunk and desk table stained before A gets home, as a surprise. (Of course, he may start reading this blog and then what kind of surprise would he have?!) I made a spice rack for us yesterday, it looks great! Now Im thinking about ways to increase our shelving in the living room and get the CDs up off the floor. Also going to try and paint the bookcase that's in the living room to match the coffee table color a bit better.

Ok, I didn't quite make it to 10 paragraphs, but Im done for now. Off to move the car, watch a movie (maybe), and then come home to cook up something nice and yummy for supper. Last night I had grilled chicked with mashed potatos and broccoli. Im thinking maybe lentil soup and a salad for tonight. :-) These extra 20 pounds won't know what hit em!

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